Kili Paul: Meet the Internet sensation Indians are going crazy over.

Kili Paul: Meet the Internet sensation Indians are going crazy over.

Kili Paul is a 27 year old content creator from Tanzania, South Africa. He is famous for performing lip-syncing videos of famous bollywood and regional Indian songs. He has over 7 million followers on Instagram and over 5 million subscribers on Youtube.

Recently, he came into the limelight amongst the people of Chhattisgarh for performing the lip sync of chhattisgarhi song Kajal Kajal by Rajan Kar. Watch it here:

His rise to fame has been nothing short of a battle against the odds. Kili hails from a small village in Tanzania which did not even had access to electricity, let alone internet. In an interview, he had also revealed that he had to walk 10 kilometers daily to charge his phone. He had dropped out of school in class 4 yet managed to learn English and Hindi on his own through google.

kili paul

But it did not occur to Kili Paul to make content on bollywood songs as a compulsion or strategy to make some bucks. Rather, it was his genuine love for bollywood movies and hindi songs which he had been harboring since childhood which led him to make and share these content on social media. He had started making these videos along with his sister, Neema Paul. He made content consistently until it struck big with the sibling’s lip-syncing video of “Raatan Lambiyaan”.

In 2022, he was honoured by the Indian High Commissioner in Tanzania. He danced with Ranveer Singh on Meta Creator Day in september of 2022. In October, he went to ‘Big Boss’ season 16 as a house guest and danced with the contestants on the song ‘Tu Chiz Badi Mast’, another favourite of Kili’s. 

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